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Embracing the Induction Experience…

Birth Stories

We are very excited to welcome our perfect little baby boy into the world! Born on Wednesday, no name yet but we’re all doing great! 3.7kg and 55cm long. He was 41+4 with no signs of coming (not fully engaged etc). Tried four stretch and sweeps plus every other trick daily (spinning babies, miles circuit, foods, sex etc!) with no luck so hesitantly agreed to an induction as we were getting pretty anxious too! Thankfully, the induction went great!

I started having one contraction every five minutes overnight with the foleys balloon catheter in and then after they broke my waters and started the oxytocin drip the next day, I went straight to having 3-4 contractions in 10min and then, within 1.5hrs, was having 5 in ten. Pretty intense from the get go but I managed to only use a comb and tens for pain relief and lent into my partner for every single one! He coached me through, was amazing and was actively helping me the whole time! I had to get an in/out urine catheter mid way as I couldn’t pee because of his head position and this was causing extra pain … and then they got worried about his heart rate so did a lactate test (had to lie on my back with my legs in stirrups to get this test done – contracting in this position is no joke!! Do not recommend) . Thankfully his lactate was all good and much to the surprise of everyone, I had the urge to push after this!! Ten cms within about 3-4hrs and then pushed for 1-2hrs on all fours.

His Dad caught him! I had a large graze however didn’t require any stitches! Thankfully! Our little boy then smashed out a “baby crawl” for his first feed all by himself which was incredible to watch!! And we were home within six hours from birth (by choice).

Definitely couldn’t have done it without Calmbirth. We felt informed and empowered the whole time, knowing what my body was doing, using the breathing techniques the whole time and keeping active/moving and making sure to rest as much as possible in between contractions!

My partner kept the room safe, calm and private the whole time and we reminded ourselves of Karen’s advice to own the induction experience and that an unexpected event doesn’t have to be a negative!

Our group practice midwife was amazing also! We are loving our baby bubble at the moment as well as learning how to care for this little bundle of joy and perfection!

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