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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Kate Corbett


Kate Corbett is a midwife and mother of three young children. Her passion lies in assisting birthing couples to discover and develop their inner strengths for pregnancy, birth and beyond so that they may approach their baby’s birth feeling calm, confident and empowered. Her Calmbirth classes emphasise the amazing natural ability a woman has to birth her baby and provides practical skills for women and their support partners to alleviate fear and tension.

“Not only have I observed the benefits of preparing with Calmbirth as a midwife, I have personally experienced how effective the program is having attended Calmbirth in preparation for the birth of my own children. It would be a privilege to share this very special time of preparation for birth and parenthood with other pregnant couples.” 

My name is…Kate Corbett.

I work at…The Wonders Within on the Central Coast, NSW.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth Educator…I love witnessing the amazing transformation that unfolds with each couple as they develop new knowledge and skills to use during pregnancy and birth. It still surprises me how rapidly and profound this change can be after 2 days of learning. And of course, I love hearing the feedback from couples on how they used the Calmbirth tools to create their own special birth experience.

My life in five words…Busy, fulfilling, blessed with love.

What I love most about where I live…Space! After living in the busyness of the city for many years I really appreciate seeing hills and trees and having beautiful beaches nearby.

The three essential things you need to take with you into labour are…Belief in yourself, courage to question and stand up for your choices, and flexibility.

What I do to relax when I’m not working is…My life is quite busy being the Mum of 3 children under 5 years so I take any moment, however brief it may be, to sit, breathe and enjoy the stillness.

If I had to describe my own birth experiences in three words I would describe as…Surprising, rhythmic, joyful

My Most memorable moment as a Calmbirth Educator is…I have had several amusing conversations with partners following the course where they have revealed how reluctant they were initially to attend, though thankfully, how much they gained. One partner shared how he was very sceptical about the benefit of attending, but to his surprise how much he had gained not only for his role in his baby’s birth but as general life skills, noting that it “wasn’t just hippy shit”. Feedback like this means so much.

I can’t live without…my family.

The person I admire most is…Joe Dispenza. For his work in sharing truly life changing knowledge about the human mind, its capacity for change, the amazing potential for healing along with teaching the skills for manifesting what we truly desire – incredibly empowering!

The best advice I ever got in my life was…”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  Henry Ford

You can follow me on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/thewonderswithin/

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