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Introducing Phoenix Jessiah Thompson to the world!

Birth Stories

Story by Sarah

Introducing Phoenix Jessiah Thompson to the world! Born at 1:13am on the 17th June and weighing in at 3.06 (6.7 lbs) and 50cm (19.6 in.)

It was a rather an eventful birth experience as it dragged on with early labour lasting over 3 nights & 1 day. After waiting at the hospital for 12 hours in labour on the 3rd day, I was exhausted and using NO2. They offered me the option to go home or to perhaps try to rest with some morphine as it seemed possible I was too exhausted to switch over into 2nd & 3rd stages of labour. I gave it a try, and when I woke up things began to progress. I asked for an epidural which helped the pain but numbed the sensation needed for pushing. After 2 hours pushing the ob-gyn came and assisted with a suction cup which was that little bit I needed at that point for things to go smoothly.

Perhaps it sounds like a lot, and it was, but it was also quite calm and a cool experience to get to go through the various aids. Amazing midwives and ob-gyn care. Most important, Phoenix is happy & healthy

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