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Jen’s Birth Story

Birth Stories

Story by Jen

Jen’s Birth story: Jared and I are happy to announce the birth of our baby girl Riley. Born 11/4/24 at 11:35am.

I went into labour the evening after I saw my OB and booked in my induction for the 21st. I was very determined to not be induced so have been using the visualisation/manifestation techniques leading up to my labour and I think that also having the timeline put on us made me or baby girl ready to make her appearance.

I had a very long labour which was all in my back, I opted for morphine early on and twice to try and get sleep which wasn’t my original plan but needed. I was able to manage the rest of my pain with the breathing techniques, TENs and some Gas.

And I’m extremely proud of myself that I made it over 30 hrs including over an hour of pushing before it was decided I’d have a C-section – baby had rotated directly posterior during the pushing phase so I was more than happy to make that call.

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