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For pregnant couples, the world of Childbirth/Antenatal Education can be a little overwhelming as there are now so many private and hospital classes on offer to help you prepare for labour and birth and beyond. And it is so important to prepare! This is a time of significant change for both of you as a couple as you transition into parenthood together; and the more knowledge and tools you have the more confident and prepared you will feel.  As one of Australia’s leading Childbirth Education programs Calmbirth can certainly help you to achieve this.

Our whole mission at Calmbirth is to ensure that couples receive the knowledge and tools they need to come together as a team. Because our program doesn’t just focus on the physical side of labour and birth but also the emotional side, Calmbirth more than prepares couples to meet any birth journey and challenge they may encounter with knowledge and confidence. But more than this, the tools we teach are powerful for everyday life and go on to extend beyond birth to their parenting and relationships.

Another thing … Calmbirth isn’t just for first time couples. Because of the way we teach birth and the tools we give you, our program is so valuable no matter how many children you have. In fact, often your next birth, you tend to carry forward the bumps and bruises from your first no matter how big or small they might be. Calmbirth can help you to safely move past these to create a different and more positive experience this next time.

A Calmbirth couple says, “We enjoyed Calmbirth and have recommended it highly to friends and family. The contents delivered in the class provided us with knowledge and tools to not just ‘get through’ our birthing experience but to ‘enjoy and embrace it’.

“We were given practical tools and resources that reduced our fear and anxiety and increased our confidence and understanding about the birthing experience.”

So what do you learn…

The importance of your headspace!

I can’t stress how important this is as it is your head that controls the way your body is going to work with birth! So the way you are thinking and feeling about birth leading up to it and during it can significantly influence not only your experience of birth but also your comfort and potentially the actual outcome of your birth. It is that important!!! This is why Calmbirth is so big on helping you and your partner reframe your beliefs around birth and to give you both tools and strategies to help ‘keep your head’ when things get challenging. Your partner is also taught how he or she can support and protect you emotionally through this whole experience.

A Calmbirth mother says, “I will be forever grateful for my husband’s unwavering support through the whole 2 day ordeal. I probably would have given up at 100 different points had he not been with me to reassure me. I honestly believe that had my husband and I not done the Calmbirth course and did not have a good understanding of the physiology of what was happening to my body and implemented the techniques from the Calmbirth program, we would have ended up having a much different birth experience filled with a lot of fear and a lot of decisions being made for us by others.

“Instead, I look at our birth story and am filled with pride at what my husband and I achieved together in the birth of our son. I am in awe of the human body and what it can endure. And amazed at the human brain and its influence over the body!”

In order to keep your headspace though you need to understand what is going on in your body!

As I am sure you would agree, it is hard to keep a positive and confident headspace in a situation you know nothing about. Hence Calmbirth teaches you and your partner everything that you both need to know about birth physically and emotionally. You and your partner will come away from our classes with a very strong understanding of how a woman’s body works during birth and the factors that influence birth such as the environment (physical and emotional), support and safety. You both are taught very practical tools from breathing techniques and visualisation, positioning and movement, massage techniques, comfort tools and most importantly the role that the support team plays in maintaining a safe and comfortable birth environment.

Calmbirth also covers in detail medical intervention, what is involved and how to work with these birth journeys while utilising the Calmbirth teachings and tools. Often it is with these journeys that the teachings of Calmbirth shine.


A Calmbirth couples says, “Thank you for improving my birth experience and setting me off on a path of learning. It meant I was able to make some informed decisions prior to labour and I feel it contributed to my positive birth experience (even with interventions) and also helped me with successful breastfeeding to date. Thank you!”

Connection – our major goal!

Connection is a major theme in Calmbirth. Not only is it important for you and your partner to connect to the whole process of birth, but it is even more important for you both to connect with each other and with your baby. Calmbirth will give you the skills to focus on these connections, and forge stronger bonds with each other and your baby. By doing this, you will be laying down some really strong foundations as you start your life as a family.

A Calmbirth mother says, “My husband was amazingly calm and reminded me that we would take it one contraction at a time and see how we go! (I’m sure Calmbirth helped him with this!)”

As the director of Calmbirth, I believe when we learn how to embrace birth as a natural part of life and not fear it, and stay connected by working together as a family, then not only will unnecessary intervention rates be reduced but the way we experience and talk about birth will be far more positive and empowering for future generations of families. This is why I am so passionate about the work that we do at Calmbirth.

If you would like more information on our program or enrol in a course near you, you can go to our website calmbirth.com.au.

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