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Marjy’s Empowering Birth Story

Birth Stories

I hoped to have a natural birth, with as minimal intervention as was possible & safe. I attended the Calmbirth course in Bowral with my husband when I was 28 weeks pregnant. It was a lovely, friendly and inclusive course. It covered all the strategies that can be helpful to women during birth. I found the course not only very enjoyable, but very informative and empowering. It served as a jumping off point for me, encouraging me to explore each strategy & decide which ones worked for me. I particularly found yoga, mediation and breathing techniques useful. Luckily these strategies really worked for me and I managed to go into labour naturally, and birth my little girl with only natural pain relief.

Calmbirth was integral to my birthing journey, and I think it is a great course for all pregnant women to do, to assure they are informed of all the strategies that can aid them to give birth the way they choose.

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