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Molly’s Induction of Birth

Birth Stories

A beautiful induction story from a lovely couple who attended the Calmbirth Geelong course at The Birth House.

Molly’s birth needed to be induced due to excess blood flow in the brain found on a growth scan, so the Dr’s were happy since she was a day from full term, to come out.
Even though I was induced, I used all of the techniques you taught us in the Calmbirth course, and I birthed Molly into the world with only gas.

I used as essential oil diffuser, dimmed lights, a playlist of calming music personally close to Peter and myself. I used the ball and stayed as calm as possible knowing that every contraction (wave) brought me closer to Molly. 

Pete said it was like I became internal, very quiet and breathing through the toughest of contractions, and went limp to relax onto Pete to save energy. 


Before your class I went from not having a preference birth plan, keen for an epidural, to having one. Every staff member who looked after myself, Pete and Molly, were respectful and used everything on it, even supported our preference to communicate to Pete where possible rather than disturb me unnecessarily. Even when at the end Molly needed some assistance after birth and a big group of Dr’s came rushing in and took her to special care. She is absolutely fine now and we are settling in at home.


Kath, Peter an I can not thank you enough for everything you taught us in your Calmbirth course

I was not scared at all leading up to being induced or even during. Pete knew his role and I could not have done it without him.

I did become very emotional with the toughest of contractions towards the end, but as Pete knew I didn’t want an epidural because I wanted to feel when to push, when I said I needed help, he asked about other options for me, and then a few minutes later I felt the need to push and Molly was out in 3 pushes!

For a first labour it was very quick. I went from 3cm at 7am to 4cm at 12midday, to fully dilated 1.5hrs later! Molly was born at 2.10pm. 

Thank you again, Sarah and Pete.


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