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Olivia’s open mind to accepting unexpected changes during the birth of her beautiful baby boy

Birth Stories

Story by Olivia

On the 11th of June, we welcomed our little boy into the world.

Unfortunately he didn’t want to come on his own at 41+4 so we needed to be induced despite all of our natural methods of trying.


I laboured for 4.5hours utilising many Calmbirth techniques which enabled me to not use any pain relief during this time. Breathing, massage, positioning, movement and positive affirmations were what got me through the first 4.5hr.

When I was starting to feel a bit out of control with the pain severity  I opted for an epidural. Best thing we did as I was able to refocus, relax and get back in the zone. I continued to labour with the epidural for a further 2.5hours however the pain was now a pressure feeling and was much more manageable.

The baby descended quickly once I was able to relax. After pushing for just over an hour, he would not come out on his own. The medical team needed to use a ventouse to pull him out as he was a little distressed. He came out a little flat and needed some CPAP for 45minutes which he quickly improved on.

Although this was not my ideal birth plan, having an open mind to accepting changes was one of the most important aspects of my birth. Being educated, informed and communicating throughout the process with the medical team enabled me to have a very positive birthing experience. I was able to feel confident all the way through. I can highly recommend Calmbirth as an antenatal class for all expecting parents to ensure you are equipped with knowledge and practical skills that you and your partner can utilise during labour.

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