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Our AMAZING Uterus


A woman’s body never ceases to amaze me!


Our uterus is just incredible and undergoes dramatic changes to grow our little babes!

A uterus will weigh around 50 grams pre-pregnancy and grow to be over a kilogram at full term.

It will increase from 2.5cm to over 20cm high at term.

It’s capacity increases from 4ml to around 4L at term.

The blood flow around the uterus increases progressively and reaches about 500 ml/ minute at term.

The amount of connective and vascular tissue increase to accomodate our growing babies.

Throughout pregnancy it ‘practises’ for labour (Braxton Hicks) and during labour, it contracts and draws up the muscle of the fundus (the top of your uterus) to create powerful contractions to push your baby down and out!

Immediately after the birth of your placenta, most will have shrunk back to at least the height of your belly button and continue to shrink over the coming weeks till it reaches it pre pregnancy size (smaller than your palm).

A M A Z I N G!

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