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Our not so perfect, perfect birth story…

Birth Stories

Hi Kath,

We wanted to thank you again so much for teaching us the Calmbirth course and basically everything we knew about birth.

A bit about us… We were very flexible with the ‘plan’ however the loose birth plan was hopefully a vaginal birth and the medicine to be used when and as needed but also not too early in case it reduced my bodies natural ability to birth my baby.

The Calmbirth class allowed me and my husband to have deeper and more meaningful conversations about how we both imagined birth to happen. To be honest, we were both very uneducated in the process and it was so great that we were both there learning so that we could make informed decisions together. It wasn’t like one of us was informed and one was ill-informed. It made me feel calm that I wasn’t just calling the shots but that we both agreed with the path we were taking for our family.

In short, our birth story and induction started on a Wednesday and baby Oliver arrived on the following Monday. There were lots of choices to be made during that time as baby Oliver wouldn’t drop into my pelvis. We tried a few different inductions before making the decision to have a semi planned emergency C section. Every single step of the way and decision we gathered the info, asked for time to discuss our option with just us and then was confident to move forward with the next step.

When I reflect back on our birth week there isn’t any decision we made that I regret… we both decided what was right for us and went with it. We owe that to Calmbirth. We stayed calm, asked questions and accepted the things we couldn’t change. It wasn’t how we imagined birth to be but it was our perfect birth story.

My recovery has been amazing following the c section and it shouldn’t be something that is feared (like I did). As long as your baby arrives healthy, who cares right!

Meet the ‘not so little’ (4.62 kg) Oliver. Born on 16/11/20.

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