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Our unplanned home birth – The story

Birth Stories

Story by Libby & Jordan.

Hi Kath, we attended your Calmbirth Geelong course in January.

Say hi to Jack. Jordan caught Jack with the assistance of 2 Paramedics and our Midwife on the phone!

Being 41+6, I was at the hospital for some final monitoring and planned induction the next day. I woke that morning with some mild contractions. While being monitored they were coming 8 minutely but then very quickly 3-5 min apart. I was surprised when recommended to go home (430pm) but was fine between and staff not concerned (this was my 2nd baby, but first spontaneous labour) so I thought I was naive to think things might happen soon.

The car ride home only took 15mins but labour ramped up quickly at home (5pm). My waters broke with a very dramatic pop (530pm) and from there I had a huge urge to push. I checked and could feel head right there, ready to come.

We called the Midwife who said to jump in the car … I was like ‘not possible!’ We called the ambulance and they arrived by 5.45. 2 lovely and supportive Paramedics along with the Midwife on the phone helped guide me through breathing, letting the baby come down and the pushing (along with some extremely valuable knowledge learnt via your Calmbirth course! Hubby caught our little boy at 6.36 off the end of the bed. Jack was straight onto my chest with huge excitement, as we didn’t know the gender. Everyone happy and well and in huge shock of what had just happened. Within 10 mins we were in the ambulance on the way to the hospital where Jack’s cord was cut and I birthed the placenta. An excellent delayed cord clamping as planned! Thank you Kath! 

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