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Thank YOU Calmbirth

Birth Stories

Story by Michiko

Prior to doing the Calmbirth course, I was super anxious and nervous about labour. The first thing we learn about labour is that it’s painful. I was prepared for all the drugs as I just didn’t think I could bare the pain.

However, the Calmbirth course was extremely informative and went through each step of the labour and what we could do to get through each step.

After the completion of the Calmbirth course, I felt calm, confident and believed I could get through labour drug free.

When I went into labour, I remembered the Calmbirth techniques to use to get me through contractions that by the time I arrived at the hospital I was fully dilated. I listened to my body and within a couple of hours we met our little bundle of joy.

Thank you Karen for all your help and also your ongoing support!

I could not recommend the Calmbirth course highly enough.


Many thanks,



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