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The beautiful and calm birth of Audrey – which all went as planned.

Birth Stories

Story by Ciane

I went into labour 10 days later than my due date at 3:30am on the 12th of May. Contractions came on pretty quickly and were 2-3 minutes apart almost immediately. I stayed at home and had the midwife come by at 6am…we decided to wait until daylight to see if it backed off but at about 9am I couldn’t wait any longer, so we headed to RPA to the birthing centre. I had told my midwife I wanted to go as natural as possible and to have a water birth. I had a birth plan written out and ready to go!


I had the gas as soon as I got there and then asked for the sterile water injections (they hurt like a bitch!) but after ten minutes they kicked in. My water broke at I believe around 10:30-11am. And then I got into the bath and started pushing. Audrey was then delivered at 11:34am with no complications. We had the oxytocin injection for the placenta delivery an hour later. We were home by 4pm the same day!

With the knowledge that Karen at Calmbirth gave us my husband and I both felt confident in what we wanted for our labour and delivery. But we were also prepared for things to change and felt capable of dealing with whatever was going to come. Thankfully it all went to plan. By understanding the stages of labour, we were both so much calmer within the process and my husband felt he was able to support me better with what I needed.

It’s obviously very hard to see your partner in pain at times, but because of Calmbirth he felt confident with his knowledge of what was happening and that myself and Bub were going to be okay. We were and are so grateful for Karen at Calmbirth and have been recommending to every expecting parent that we come across!

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