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The birth of our baby boy Carter

Birth Stories

Story By Sian and Mitchell McClenahan

“We 100% recommend Calmbirth with Maja! After completing the weekend course with Maja, my husband and I felt extremely confident heading into the last stage of my pregnancy. We felt ready for Labour, and ready for the birth! I felt more confident knowing about each stage of labour, what my options were, and what could potentially not go to plan. My husband also felt confident that he could absolutely help me through my labour.. which was my FAVOURITE part. Maja didn’t just focus on what us women go through, but how our partners can be there for us through each stage. It was incredible”.


Our baby boy made an early and quick arrival into the world, being 4.5 weeks early, and I was only in labour for 52 minutes. Any plan Mitchell and I had, was out the door straight away. However, we both remained calm, in the moment together, and took each breath together as well.

Anytime I drifted into a brief panic, Mitchell was able to bring me straight back to calm and focused. He was incredible, I feel extremely proud of myself as well.

I only had a tiny bit of gas for 10 minutes while I pushed. If it weren’t for the guidance we received from Maja, I’m not sure I would have done so well. Our baby boy was admitted into the NICU for respiratory issues and jaundice 3 hours after his arrival. As traumatic as it was, we again stuck together as a team, remained as calm and collected as possible, and made our experience as positive as we could. We are now home with our baby boy Carter, and are loving being parents!

If you’re wanting to do a birthing course, pick this one. It’s an incredible weekend that will help create an incredible journey through your labour, delivery and post birth. 

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