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A VBAC Calmbirth story

Birth Stories

By Louise

After a long labor with multiple interventions for the birth of my first son in 2016, born via c-section, I was determined to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around.



During my pregnancy, I did lots of research, which is how I came across Calmbirth, and knew it was going to be the perfect way to prepare my body and mind. I am so glad to have met Cherie and attended her classes, she assisted us both along the way to achieve the birth I wanted, a very healing experience.

At 39+2, contractions began spontaneously at 3am, 7 minutes apart. With a very supportive obstetrician, who set no limits and hoped to let me go into labour naturally, I was excited it was happening. Knowing I had my calmbirth techniques, I felt very prepared for what was ahead. With the use of the essential oils, accupressure, and the breathing techniques recommended in Calmbirth, I was hoping to spend some time at home in our own environment. 

After only 2 hours the contractions were suddenly 2 minutes apart, and we knew we better get to the hospital. I rang the hospital, my mum was on her way to look after our son, and we made it there by 6am. I was placed on CTG monitoring, and baby was happy, with the contractions maintaining intensity at 2 minutes apart.

At 8am I decided to be examined, as mentally, I needed to know where I was at. I was slightly deflated that I was only 3cm. However, with the intensity of the contractions, and my cervix being very thin, my obstetrician was confident things would progress quite quickly. 

After a very intense 1.5 hours, I was at 8cm. My husband was so supportive during this time and he felt so prepared after having attended the classes, using the techniques he had learnt to assist me along the way. He was my absolute biggest support and encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t keep going, I could never have done this without him.

Suddenly my body was pushing with every contraction, and my waters broke. I needed to stop as I wasn’t fully dilated, my body had other ideas. However with the use of the gas and using my calm breath techniques, I was able to slow the pushing and relax enough that my body was able to get to 10cm. I even managed to hold off on the epidural which, at the time, I wanted desperately. It was now time to push.

I pushed for 45 minutes, and at 12:42pm, our beautiful boy Frankie was born. He was put straight to my chest and for 2 hours, we were able to be skin to skin and he had his first breastfeed.

It was an incredible experience, and I felt so empowered.

Thanks to Calmbirth, I was able to stay in control, with a positive mindset.

Thanks for everything Cherie, you have been amazing and so supportive!

Love Louise, Jesse, big brother Rory and baby Frankie


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