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The birth of Toby

Birth Stories

By Molly and Tom

We attended your Calmbirth course a few months ago in Mittagong. We just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for everything you taught us. Our son Toby was born a month ago with a beautiful birth that left us both feeling so positive about the whole experience.



Before the Calmbirth course I was expecting birth to be a painful experience. But you taught us that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the reality. Looking back on my labour I wouldn’t describe it as painful and once I entered the magical labour land the contractions were intense but there wasn’t pain. I felt so in tune with my body throughout and there was only one moment where I didn’t feel in control which looking back was probably transition. 

Calmbirth not only empowered me to see what an amazing experience birth can be, but it also provided Tom with the tools to support me throughout. The labour was an amazing team effort and I know it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without Tom’s support.

The majority of the labour was spent together at home and we only arrived at the hospital 50 min before Toby was born. 

I am so thankful for the birth experience I had, it truly was the most empowering experience. I’m so grateful that Calmbirth taught me that birth can be empowering and positive and it isn’t something to be scared of. I truly believe we wouldn’t have had the amazing birth we had without Calmbirth. 

So thank you so much for everything you taught us and for the work that you do. We will be recommending Calmbirth to everyone!

Thank you, Molly and Tom



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