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Birth Preparation


From the time your baby is born and the first postpartum hours together

This is a sacred time.

Feeling safe, calm, private and undisturbed is paramount to this time

This is a time of great transition and adjustment

For Baby
For Mother
For the Family

Mother and Baby go through pivotal transitions during this time, entering their new life..

Baby adjusts to the external world and does this most effectively being skin to skin on Mother’s chest.

Blood from Mother remains circulating to Baby via the placenta, offering approximately 1/3 more of Baby’s blood volume when optimal cord clamping is honoured.

Mother’s body temperature increases/deceases to the thermoregulatory needs of Baby.

Baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate, colour and tone are all priming to create a new regular rhythm… this happens optimally within the safety of Mother’s embrace.

There is an enormous surge of prolactin hormone for Mother, igniting the breast ductal system and milk producing cells for the initiation, production and maintenance of breastfeeding. This is foundational to her long term lactation.

Oxytocin remains at large assisting with placenta delivery, reducing Mother’s afterbirth blood loss, breast milk production and attachment and bonding with Baby.

Baby is quiet and alert with a fixed mutual gaze set on Mother, their safe haven. Baby rests for this beautiful period of time before beginning to lick, bob their head around, their hands grasping and kneeding at Mother’s breast, signalling for the first feed, usually within one hour of birth

Baby might even ‘crawl’ to the breast, a sequence of primitive and reflexive movements, like a dance. Baby knows how to get there

The suction of Baby’s mouth on the breast is strong and this may be surprising.

The first feed can often take an hour in itself, Baby drinking from both breasts.

Baby is satisfied, content.

Mother is tired but estatic.

Mother and Baby then rest, cuddle, feed, bond, and then repeat, time and time again.

The Golden Hours turns into days, nights, weeks, months, years and forever more.

What a day…

What a journey…

You did it!



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