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The love for Mia Audrey was instant

Birth Stories

Story  by Elle Stacey

Evan and I welcomed our daughter Mia Audrey Stacey earth side on Sunday the 8th of November at 41+6weeks.

Our induction was due to begin at 3pm that afternoon however, I woke up in spontaneous labour that very morning!

I laboured at home from 6.40am with amazing support from Evan using all of the Calmbirth techniques we learnt during the course.

Our midwife Helen was incredible as well, visiting mid morning advising us to stay at home for a couple more hours.

We made our way to hospital after working through our birth plan options of; acupressure, soft touch massage, the shower and bath. I didn’t enjoy being on the ball or the use of a TENS machine (I think we applied this too late).

We arrived at the hospital and the birth suit was set up by Helen exactly as we had included in our birth plan; with dim lighting, salt lamps, fairy lights, affirmation cards, music and the birth pool.

I initially laboured in the shower, on the bed and walked the birth box clockwise and counter clockwise during the waves.

Helen examined me during the day and evening but I had asked not to be told my progress in fear it would dishearten me. Bubs was also monitored and she was happy throughout.

I made my way into the birth pool and wow that water was amazing! At this point I needed something extra, so I used gas and air from about 5-6:30. It was suggested I stop using it so I could monitor/ feel my body’s responses to the waves more clearly. This was tough to do as the edge was definitely taken off when using it!

At 8pm I changed positions from all fours facing Evan to lying on my back with my legs tucked up and began pushing the baby down. I found myself becoming more vocal during this time and the affirmation ‘the more I relax, the easier my birth will be’ is something I tried to focus on, despite it being difficult! I found the sensations pretty overwhelming during this time. Lollies and cordial helped keep my energy up throughout the day!

My waters didn’t break until baby’s head crowned and then on the next push she was out and in my chest! Mia Audrey Stacey was born at 9.43pm. The love was instant, Evan said he felt the same.

Afterwards we enjoyed lots of uninterrupted skin to skin and delayed cord clamping.

Kath, thank you so much for the opportunity to do the course with you during Covid. Evan and I found it so informative and I feel that because of it we were very well informed and had a wonderful and empowering birth experience as a result!

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