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The Postpartum Pledge…

Postnatal Care

Today was a light bulb moment

Before heading off to a gorgeous winery with friends to celebrate our mumma to be, I had organised a little guessing game of ‘if you guess the DOB/gender you win a bottle of wine from the Yarra Valley’

As I was writing on the answer cards I thought up the idea of numbering each card. The number on the card represented what week postpartum each friend was going to be a go to support person for our friend in the early postpartum.

Think meal drop, bringing coffee, offering help with cleaning, holding bub while our friend showers/sleeps/eats, and a catch up if our friend wanted the company.

Nurturing nutritious food support was essential to this pledge.

There were 8 of us at lunch today. My friend who is embarking on motherhood has a committed group of women preparing a steady stream of support needed for early postpartum.

That’s 8 weeks of reliable support, minimum of 8 cooked meals but not all landing on the door step in the first two weeks, and a go to girlfriend each week! Plus coffee!

Postpartum is profound, and SO overlooked. Post birth is the gateway to your parenting journey, those early days/nights/weeks matter!

If you have a pregnant friend, or are pregnant yourself, do the Postpartum Pledge with your willing village of women and look after the early postpartum 



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