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Trust in my body, mind and baby, allowed me to surrender to the process…

Birth Stories

Hi Kath, I wanted to share our news with you. We welcomed our baby boy Shai (pronounced Shy) on 29th Sept. My waters broke at 530am and by 3pm I was pushing him Earth side, so a 10.5hr first labour we had our dream drug free labour and waterbirth delivered by myself into my arms. We transferred to hospital as Shai needed some help breathing, we stayed two days and now home.

I wanted to say we could not have had the experience without your guidance. We didn’t have the time to use all the tricks but the ones we did use, (the breathing techniques; visualisation; massage; acupressure on back; The Mind, Body, Heart knowledge for partner support and birth process) were invaluable. They supported both of us to manage, enjoy and experience a powerful, gentle birth.

Myself, remembering to Trust my body, mind and baby, allowed me to surrender to the process. This allowed my body to move along at pace where there was no point where I experienced doubt – truly transformative for us all. Shai, well I can say is a dream!. Thankyou for welcoming us and sharing your Calmbirth knowledge.

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