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We welcomed our little boy Leo Ryan, in a dream natural birth

Birth Stories

On 26 December 2022 we welcomed our little boy Leo, in a dream natural birth. You might remember our little guy was breech at 32 weeks, thankfully he turned by 36 weeks. I ended up going into spontaneous labour at 38 weeks exactly, on Christmas night.

We laboured at home starting late on Christmas night for around 13 hours before going into hospital late morning when contractions were lasting one min and happening every 3 mins or more frequently for over an hour. When we went in unfortunately things slowed right down despite our best efforts to oxytocin the room right up! I asked to have my waters broken and that had the desired effect of picking things up again.

I had a great birth intentions list which was respected by my midwife to a tee and was really informed by our course with you. I managed the pain with heat packs, horse lips, long slow exhales, the TENS and some gas and air at the very end. There were moments of my confidence faltering but we made it through with the support of my amazing husband and MGP midwife. Having him placed on my chest was truly euphoric! 

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, we thought you would like to hear some nice feedback and news

Love Stephanie, Jayden and Leo 
*Shared with permission

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