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Birth Stories

Story by Meg, Josh and Hudson

Hi Amy,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know of the safe arrival of our little man Hudson. He was born 2/2/23 at 2.12am.

Our labour and birth was amazing and went pretty much perfectly. I was able to labour at home until contractions were too much. We arrived at hospital just after midnight and just over 2hrs later Hudson was safely in my arms, with only a tens machine as pain relief.

Both Josh and I remembered a lot of what we had learnt from you during the calm birth course and truely believe it helped us achieve our amazing birth experience.

Thank you for everything you taught us. We’ll certainly be recommending the course to any expecting parents in the future!

Biggest congratulations to Meg and Josh on the arrival of Hudson, big love to you and wonderful to hear Calmbirth resonated so well for your labour and birth preparation!


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