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Welcome Calmbirth baby Quinn…

Birth Stories

 Hi lovely Amy,
I wanted to reach out and let you know that Bec and I welcomed our little Quinn into the world on the 30th May. She is every inch of squishy cuddles we could’ve imagined.
We wanted to thank you for the Calmbirth course. We had the most beautiful labour and birth. 12 hours from start to finish, completely drug free. I used the TENS machine and fit ball throughout, as well as a shower toward the pointy end. I changed positions frequently and actually pushed and birth on my knees on the bed. Bec was amazingly calm and supportive, we had our playlist on the whole way through and our midwife knew what we wanted and stayed well out of the way.
After birth, Quinn had breathing complications, mucus on her lungs and had to be whisked to the other side of the room to get some help from resus. This meant I missed out on immediate skin to skin, which I was bummed about but such is life.
I then was having some trouble delivering the placenta and also required stitches, I had expressed and frozen colostrum, Bec was able to give her first finger feed and snuggle right up for some skin-to-skin time.
We are so grateful for all of your guidance over the two days of the course and I honestly don’t think our labour and birth would have been as positive had we not attended. Thank you so much!
Anna and Bec attended my March Calmbirth course! Wishing them the most wonderful transitions into family life with their gorgeous daughter Quinn x

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