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Welcome to the world Aryo Maxwell Rahimi

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Wowee! Thank you so much for the tips and tricks we learnt at Calmbirth classes. Absolutely invaluable! Especially so as I had to be induced. Developed pregnancy induced hypertension at 38.5 weeks. Crikey the contractions were strong and the breathing helped sooooo much. As did the back massage Vahid was giving for every contraction (the one you taught with pushing in the bit above the hips).


I got to 9cm in about 4-5 hours and then the contractions didn’t have reprieve..they felt pretty much back to back. My blood pressure went pretty crazy at this point and they were worried for both our baby and I. They said the fastest way to lower it was an epidural but had to be fast before I dilated more. To be honest, I had a great experience with the epidural. It brought blood pressure back down really well. I could still feel my legs and everything just not pain or hot and cold sensations.

The next stage took 4.5 hours though!!! He had decided to bring the cord out above his head held in his hand.. what a cheeky rat! He coped really well without getting distressed through all this until near the end they got quite worried and the team started coming in, in preparation for intervention. With some excellent team yelling of about 12 people encouragingly shouting “pushhhhh”. Haha. Especially Vahid I’ve never heard him so shouty. With the vacuum thing (can’t recall name of it) the doctor turned his head while I pushed. I had a minor episiotomy. He was put on my chest screaming and it was the most unbelievable time for us. So amazing. So much adrenaline I couldn’t even cry. Luckily we had a gorgeous distraction as I lost a lot of blood and they had to get my placenta out as soon as possible. I started to have tachycardia. They didn’t want to give blood due to the blood pressure issue. They gave some fluids and luckily my iron stores were good – glad I took the ferratin and Vitamin C tablets as I was low in iron at 33 weeks. Anyway they did a great job at fixing all that and we were awake all night… So in love with our little pal His name is Aryo Maxwell Rahimi Born 2/8 3.6kg 52cm.

He unfortunately had a small amount of meconium and we think this is why he might have developed a fever 24hrs after delivery. He had a course of antibiotics and we came home yesterday.

Feeling very grateful Thanks again for your lovely course xx Alice & Vahid.



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