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Welcome to the world Calmbirth baby Levi…

Birth Stories

After attending your Calmbirth course in January, we felt much more prepared for the whole labour process. Nothing could’ve fully prepared me for the intensity of the pain though! I found myself hitting a mental block halfway through advanced labour, but the practical strategies from the Calmbirth class were what got me through it. I was using the gas, shower, water bath, and birthing ball (most of which I wouldn’t have been aware of without the classes!)

Dan was able to use the hip massage techniques from class and it helped so much to have him support me along the way. I honestly think we would’ve felt so helpless if we hadn’t learnt those strategies. I’m grateful to have had such a positive birth experience

Thank you for being a part of our family’s journey!

Wishing Joyce, Dan and baby Levi all the very best as they transition to family life and the biggest thank you for sharing your positive birth experience.

*Shared with Permission

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