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Multiple Birth Awareness Week 2022…


It wasn’t until one of my friends had twins did I understand the gravity of growing, nurturing and nourishing multiples, despite caring for many families as a Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse. 

Society thinks multiples are cute, and my goodness, my friends twins are absolutely beautiful. However, this Multiple Birth Awareness Week, I want to acknowledge parents of multiples; the time and intensity of caretaking multiple babies – and sometimes balancing this with older siblings, getting less and more fragmented sleep, not to mention double everything – potentially leading to financial strain and relationship concerns. More babies means more resources are needed in every facet on a parenting life. 

Additionally, there is increased risk of perinatal medical complications, challenges in establishing and maintaining breastfeeding and higher risk of becoming depressed, anxious and clinically exhausted after childbirth than compared with parents of single infants. 

And if you are a multiple, I acknowledge you too… you had to learn ‘sharing’ since conception 🤲🏼🤰🏽

If you know someone who has multiples, ask them how they are and how you can help 💜



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