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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Taryn Murphy

Taryn Murphy

Registered Midwife & Calmbirth Educator

13 Daglish St
WA 6014

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Hello – my name is Taryn. I have been a midwife for over 30 years, and I am also the mother of two beautiful children and know exactly what it’s like to experience the intensity and exhilaration of birth.

I have worked across all settings in midwifery from home to hospital and most recently I have worked as a midwife in a Midwifery Group Practice model at the Family Birth Centre based at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

I have had the privilege of sharing many incredible and magical moments with women and their families that have inspired me, humbled me, brought me to tears and given me an incredible sense of joy. Supporting women to have a positive birth experience and wanting to make a difference has always been very important to me.

I have seen firsthand how beneficial good preparation and a positive mindset can be for women going into labour. I have also seen over time more fear and anxiety in women and how these impact on so many levels emotionally, psychologically and physically.

When I came across Calmbirth, I knew I had found the perfect childbirth education program that resonated with all that I knew worked for women in my years as a midwife. Calmbirth’s focus on the mind body connection enables women to understand that what they are thinking and feeling influences what happens in their body. Calmbirth provides all the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that will help reduce your fears and anxieties around birth and will equip your partner to support you so that you can birth calmly and confidently however your birth journey unfolds.

I’m so looking forward to sharing Calmbirth to help you have your own special experience on the magical day you meet your baby. This program has the capacity to change our birth culture from one that is fear based to one that is more positive – it feels really exciting to be a part of this!

I will be offering weekend classes in a small group class format. I will also offer private individual couple classes on weekends or 4 evenings or a combination of both in the comfort of your own home or mine, or via Zoom. I will be as flexible as I can to accommodate regional, rural and FIFO couples. Please contact me for any further information or just to answer any of your questions about the Calmbirth course.

February 2022 Please note that in light of the current Covid situation I need to source an alternative venue. I am offering private classes if you would like to email me direct.  Watch this space.


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