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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Kaye Duncan

Kaye Duncan

Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bayside Physio & Pilates 712 Anzac Hwy
SA 5045

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Midwifery is not simply my profession, it’s my passion.

I love being a midwife.

I have cared for women, their babies and their families for over 25 years in South Australia and Victoria.

Working in one of Adelaide’s largest tertiary hospitals, gives me the opportunity to support and care for  mothers from all walks of life, with pregnancies ranging from the most straightforward, to those at the extreme end, with the most complicated pregnancies due to maternal or fetal conditions which warrant very close monitoring. 

All women deserve the very best care and comprehensive antenatal preparation is integral to this. 

Calmbirth® has the balance just right. Evidenced based education by birth professionals to empower couples to birth the way they wish.

Class numbers are capped to ensure couples can participate equally, in a safe and comfortable space. 

Each class is tailored to the needs of the couples in each workshop. Classes are dynamic and interactive.

Just imagine coming away from your weekend feeling confident and even excited in anticipation of your coming labour and birth?!

This can be your story.

Knowledge really is power.

I am also passionate about supporting women on their breastfeeding journeys. As a natural addition to the Calmbirth® content, we include time and resources on breastfeeding. I am also happy to offer assistance and advice after birth, as couples require.

Sometimes couples wish for more information and I am happy to provide that, either face to face or via Zoom! COVID 19 has made us more resourceful, adaptable to the changing situations.

Recently we had face to face classes with one partner in quarantine having just returned from overseas. He didn’t miss out, he joined us via Zoom and learnt all he needed at the same time as his partner!

There really is a silver lining to most situations:)

Some couples have started their birth journeys with relative ease. Others however have experienced a rockier path, perhaps with infertility or IVF.

For varying reasons, some carry anxiety and phobias that inhibit their ability to enjoy their pregnancies. Couples appreciate the extra supports I offer as a clinical hypnotherapist that help them through these times. These tools are empowering, often life changing.

So now, how do you feel about your upcoming birth?

Are you excited and filled with anticipation?

Or are you actually a bit nervous or even scared because ‘friends’ and family members have frightened you with their birth stories 

     – I believe the presence of fear is the number one changeable factor that can so easily have a negative impact on a woman’s pregnancy, labour and birth … and life beyond.

There should be nothing to fear.

I am so keen to introduce you to Calmbirth® because I know participating in a Calmbirth® workshop can make all the difference to your experience of pregnancy and birth.

My classes will give you the knowledge to birth with confidence and joy – to instil in you a sense of control.

It really is a wonderful privilege:

     * To have the opportunity to help women and their partners develop the understanding of how well women are designed to  birth.

     * To have the opportunity to teach skills to help you plan the birth that is right for your family.

     * To see couples blossom as their fears disappear while their understanding of the birth process grows.

     * To see the connection to each other and baby increase as a result of Calmbirth® learning.

     * To see couples leaving classes with excitement and anticipation.

My aim is to make a difference.

To guide and encourage you to make the most of this wonderful, life-changing experience, no matter how your birth unfolds.

All classes, including Private and Refresher classes​, are tailored to suit your needs.

Please feel free and welcome to call with any questions, otherwise simply click the link below to my website:                                                                                    



Sat/Sun June     11 – 12

Sat/Sun July       9 – 10

Sat/Sun Aug       13 – 14

Sat/Sun Sept       10 – 11

Sat/Sun Oct         8 – 9

Sat/Sun Nov       12 – 13

Sat/Sun Dec        10 – 11



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