Testimonials from Couples after experiencing the Calmbirth Program

I was pleased with how confident Calmbirth made me feel as I approached my greatest fear! I think it should be taught in all hospitals and to every pregnant woman and her partner. The total inclusion of the father or partner is absolutely fantastic.

I felt empowered to make decisions and understood what was happening to me and my baby at all times. I felt in unison with my baby – working together as a team.

I left the Calmbirth program feeling confident because I was knowledgeable about birth.

I found Calmbirth to be a fantastic program. I hadn’t realised how much my fears were influenced by the stories of those around me. I recommend it to anyone having a baby.

I loved that it taught relaxation and to trust your body, but also how to cope if intervention is needed. I love the fact that it was able to bridge the often perceived gap between a ‘natural’ approach and a ‘medicalised’ approach. Our educator was very clear about how important it is to be able to manage your anxiety and fear, but also how lucky we are to have medical help if we needed it. It also made me feel like it would be ok if I needed help, that I wouldn’t be a failure.

Both my partner and I thought it was a fantastic course that really equipped us for all aspects of labour and birth. From the educational side of learning the process, to the methods and techniques to call on so you can feel you have a full toolbox on the day.

I was excited and ready, I understood what was happening to my body and used the information to visualise opening up and relaxing. I trusted that my body knew what to do and I just needed to let it.

What I loved most about it was the knowledge I gained from the booklet/workshop on how labour is such a natural process and that our bodies are able to do and that we just need to change our minds to believe it.

Calmbirth was a great help for my husband as a support person too, before Calmbirth he was feeling he would be very helpless.

Calmbirth gave my husband ideas on different ways he could help being the support person. I enjoyed all the knowledge of the whole labour process and understanding of the hormones and their effects plus side effects from pain relief.

I am so glad we did the Calmbirth program. We walked out feeling so confident and it really made such a difference when the time came. I spent almost 48 hrs at home before arriving to hospital to have a posterior birth. I would never have been able to do this without using all the techniques and settings Calmbirth taught us.

The Calmbirth program relieved my husband’s anxious feelings about labour and gave him a lot of knowledge on what to expect and also some excellent ideas and techniques for him to use in order to support me better. I didn’t need to ask him to do anything, he just knew what was expected and was fantastic.

I love Calmbirth and agree with the whole philosophy. It truly helped me to know what I wanted, to explain what I wanted and to have the birth experience I wanted.

I originally wasn’t going to do any sort of birthing classes as I thought I wouldn’t need them, but towards the end of my pregnancy I started to become very anxious, so I booked in to do Calmbirth. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of all the meditation but after I used it daily sometimes more than once, I became a huge fan, so much that I also used the calm breathing techniques regularly even now after I have had my baby. Having a caesarean was not how I wanted my birthing experience to end, but I had no other option and I relied on the Calmbirth strategies in the lead up to this.

What I enjoyed the most was learning about the science behind the hormonal and physical processes in the body during labour and birth. That each one has a purpose and is trying to achieve something specific. It gave me confidence that my body is specifically designed to give birth and that I could do it. It also encouraged me to trust my body and myself.

The Calmbirth program just resonated with me and how I wanted to birth my baby. I love the fact that you can still use the techniques if something went off the birth plan, e.g. if induced.

My partner also got a lot out of the course. He got a better understanding of birth and the process, as well as a better understanding of what to expect and what is expected of him. He was more prepared and supportive after undertaking the course

Both my partner and I thought it was a fantastic course that really equipped us for all aspects of labour and birth. From the educational side of learning the process, to the methods and techniques to call on so you can feel you have a full toolbox on the day.

I was excited and ready, I understood what was happening to my body and used the information to visualise opening up and relaxing. I trusted that my body knew what to do and I just needed to let it.

The Calmbirth program was most beneficial in teaching the importance of our birth support partner. How important his involvement would be on my mind state and therefore the birthing experience.

THANK YOU! I believe Calmbirth made a huge difference to my birth experience. I utilised the breathing techniques right from when my waters broke to the complications I had post birth to keep myself calm. I am happily recommending this course to mum’s to be as well as to dad’s to be as it taught my husband not to be afraid of birth, and he knew that there were things that he could do to help make me comfortable

I loved Calmbirth. I loved the excellent preparation Calmbirth gave me.

I loved the way Calmbirth integrates all forms of birth and empowers women and their partners to have the birth you want.

I found, and still find the Calmbirth program to be very beneficial in relaxing and taking control when situations are intense.

It gave me the necessary preparation for birth so I could approach it confidently and without fear, as I had the knowledge and the methods/tools to manage birth. I was also confident my partner knew what to expect so I didn’t hold any anxieties in that regard which was extremely important for me.

Absolutely fantastic to prepare me for birth and empower me with tools & techniques. As well as, finally understanding the physiology of the birthing process was incredibly helpful.  When I felt like I couldn’t go on, the ability to change my mind-set and keep going was just such an amazing experience as was meeting my beautiful daughter.

It was a wonderful program that I only wish was available to all women and their support birthing person. I credit the Calmbirth program for allowing me to have a good birth experience. It was a very holistic approach and I think the balance of information was excellent.

The best thing about the birth was eventually meeting our little boy. Although things didn’t go as we had planned (baby heart rate complications) we still felt empowered to ask questions when medical staff were involved and felt so proud we could eventually push our baby out.

We loved Calmbirth and the concepts involved. It is such a calming tool that can be so effective! We liked the mixture of science throughout the program (learning about the hormones and their effects on the body). We enjoyed the relaxation and visualisation we practiced with our Calmbirth educator.

My partner was overall pleasantly surprised with the class. He felt empowered with knowledge to assist during the birth which had a calming effect on me!

The knowledge was very empowering. Knowing about the active role you could have in your child’s birth. It was also a really nice way of encouraging self-love and care during pregnancy.

I really enjoyed it, although I didn’t get a chance to use as many techniques as I had hoped to. I think the course put me in a really good frame of mind for the rest of my pregnancy and the challenges I faced- being admitted to hospital for pre-eclampsia, and as our son was born premature to then be able to cope with all the stresses and challenges that came after this.

I found that I used the decision making tool quite a lot in our son’s care in the nursery, as he was born early.

My first birth was traumatic, and my second birth was a very empowering and a positive experience. I was able to have a water birth, spent most of the labour at home, and managed the whole experience without drugs. I can genuinely say, that the sensations were intense but manageable and I’m very proud of what we managed to achieve.

My partner really benefited from it. He learnt how to be an advocate, and what to do to support me – this was our second birth, and the difference between the first and the second one was amazing. My partner was an amazing and very active birth partner this time around.

I loved the Calmbirth workshop and tracks. I have raved about it and recommended it to all my pregnant friends.

I loved the positive, empowering way in which Calmbirth addresses birth (as opposed to the usual fear based approach where women are told birth is awful? Extremely painful etc.) and how it instils a sense of power and strength in women and their partners. The reinforcement that women are made to give birth and that our bodies are amazing was also very reassuring.

The program was engaging and practical and I loved every second of it. My partner loved the tools he was given to assist me during labour including breathing, massage, visualisation, words of encouragement etc.

We found the program very useful being 4-5 months before the expected birth of our child. Helped to shape our mind-set for the remainder of the pregnancy.

The Calmbirth program was extremely positive! It allowed both of us to know the process & stages of birth so that we could prepare mentally & emotionally. It prepared us so that we knew what was coming next.

I loved the positive way labour was viewed so enabled us to look forward to the birth. I had the most wonderful birth & Calmbirth was mostly to thank for that.

My partner went away knowing and believing in the importance of his support, and a real understanding of what was occurring during labour especially physiology and how to assist me in staying calm so he didn’t feel useless.

Yanek was born on the 17th July 2015. The birth experience was beautiful! The breath guided my body, I was in control. No pain, just intense sensations as Calmbirth referred to them.  My husband helped immensely by putting very strong counter pressure on my lower back. I was induced as I was a week overdue.. no pain relief, just the wonders of the breath and mind! Thank you so much for your Calmbirth program in bowral.

Angelica Fricot

Calmbirth was right. The skills you learn are life long skills. I have found the techniques really helpful for staying calm on the road. I also find it really helps when I’m getting anxious about things. And also if I have to wait in line. Thank you Calmbirth.

Calmbirth gave me confidence in myself. I walked away from the weekend knowing that I could birth well and that I could work with my body to do so.

I found the Calmbirth program fantastic! While it didn’t teach me anything specific that I didn’t already know (Breathing, meditation, massage, process of birth) it gave my husband and I the confidence to know how to use these to our benefit in labour. It helped me to know I had control and that knowledge helped me to have a positive and natural birth experience.

I liked that Calmbirth made my husband and I feel empowered about birth. I left the course feeling excited and looking forward to labour. Everything was explained with scientific information. The breathing exercises throughout meant that we had a very relaxing weekend at the course and put us in the right head space.

My partner was much more connected to me and our baby after the class. I think the penny dropped that there was a little person waiting to be born and that he could have a positive effect on them right away. He became a very attentive and supportive partner. He better understood the process of labour and what role he could play.

What I loved most about my birthing experience is that Calmbirth age me the skills to feel in control and alert during the labour and birth. I could be a part of the process where I thought I would have to ‘zone out ‘ too much and not be able to converse or be present.

The Calmbirth program was  just what I needed to overcome the loss and trauma of my first birth experience. I liked everything about it from the setting, seating, tone, that the whole itinerary for the weekend was explained upfront. My educator,Karen (McClay), obviously was amazing, insightful and kind.

My partner went away with lots of knowledge, expectations and a role to play on the day  – these are all things that he gained and it made him confident and proactive.

Calmbirth made my husband and I confident and we knew what to expect.

He learnt how to keep me in a positive state of mind. He learnt little things like:  not talking to me too much (to not snap me out of focus), to offer water regularly (the ice water he offered was pure heaven during labour), learning about the process of labour meant he knew what was happening and could help. Basically, the main thing was he kept me positive so that I would not feel afraid or panic.

Fantastic skills learnt for everyday life. Brilliant knowledge on the entire experience.

Calmbirth is honestly amazing. I have told everyone about the class. My first child’s labour was horrible and Karen (McClay), the Director and Calmbirth Educator said she’d help me change my mind-set on labour and she truly did.

Karen is amazing. So, knowledgeable. My birth was such an amazing experience. I wanted to be a positive woman about labour and after my first child I wasn’t, but now it has all changed and I have had a positive birth experience all be it at home.

It happened so quickly! Forty-five minutes after arriving at hospital my baby was born. He took everyone by surprise as I was still in the assessment room, the anaesthetist was telling me about an epidural and I said, “Too late, mate. He’s already here.” I still had my undies on. The midwife said that she didn’t think I looked that close to birthing.

Previous births were caesareans. I was a VBA2C which is why I was so proud and pleased with the whole experience. I have Calmbirth to thank!

Because of Calmbirth I learnt to trust my body and the process of labour & birth. I also felt in control from the very beginning & loved the connection it gave me with my baby antenatally.

I loved that Calmbirth made me focus on my baby, body and have a deep connection with the partner.

I enjoyed about learning how the uterus contracts during labour and how it helps to birth your baby. Oh, and the relaxation we did during the course I found most beneficial.

The Calmbirth program was based in science – the biology of the birthing process and the link between the brain and pain and the birthing process.

I really enjoyed learning about this connection between the brain and pain and the understanding of the biological process and the Confidence it gave us that with the techniques we’d learnt, we could handle it.

The main prayer I had was to come out of this birth and say it was amazing opposed to saying “it sucked,” like I did with my daughter!

Well, it WAS amazing. I know it is all in the mind, as this is how I live my life. I did a lot of preparation this time. I did calmbirth, read positive birth stories, acupuncture, sat on an exercise ball at work. This birth was world’s apart from my first.

I feel completely honoured to have birthed our baby at home. It was such an experience for my husband and I as a couple.

What amazing things a positive mind can do along with knowledge. Thank you so much for your calmness and knowledge in the class. I can say it made a world of difference to both my husband, myself and my son.

Peter, we first attended your Calmbirth class in 2013 before the birth (and first homebirth) of our 3rd child. We loved your program, particularly the way you taught it and spoke with such enthusiasm about the evidence informing the Calmbirth techniques. I am also 3/4 of the way though my bachelor of midwifery degree and often think about Calmbirth techniques when helping women in labour. We have just had our 5th baby at home, our 3rd homebirth and, as for my three previous births, I listened to the Calmbirth meditations and practised the breathing techniques in the weeks leading up to our daughter’s birth. It was, once again, invaluable in keeping me calm and focussed during labour and contributing to a beautiful and powerful birth experience. Peter, thank you so very much.
Zoe & Mark

Calmbirth gave me the knowledge I needed to birth my baby. I have already recommended it to a few other couples who are pregnant. So glad I did the course. My head was in the right place and I knew what was going on with my body. Knowledge really is power!

I found the physiological explanations of what would happen to my body and the breathing and visualisation techniques most beneficial. I really believed that all this helped me to birth my baby naturally and so quickly. It was also great for the practical advice for my partner.

I loved how Calmbirth instilled so much more confidence in myself and my partner and helped prepare us for what to expect no matter what the circumstance. I also really benefited from the breathing techniques I learned, whereas my partner benefited the most from learning what to expect of labour and what his role was during the birthing process, reminding me of my breathing and being there for me.

What I loved most about Calmbirth was the fact that Calmbirth gave a very positive perspective on childbirth. As well as, how it gave direction to the support/ birthing partner about keeping it calm, safe and private.

We attended the Calmbirth program in Bowral back in early December last year.  Jill delivered our beautiful baby boy, Daniel, at the Prince of Wales hospital in Sydney.

I wanted to say a big thanks to you for your part in making the experience one to be cherished, not feared. Jill was understandably quite anxious about the birthing process and the Calmbirth Program helped immeasurably to make her feel more at ease with what she would have to go through.

Undoubtedly, the Calmbirth program works and helped and I’d recommend it to anyone. The holistic approach and the language used within, in my opinion as a Dad, helps to settle to-be-mums. And the techniques we learned, we incorporated into our arsenal of tools that we took with us into the birthing process. Many thanks,

Adam Haigh (and mum Jill and baby Daniel)

A wonderful empowering class which helped with the science, process and emotion surrounding birth.

Participating in the Calmbirth program meant that we, my husband and I, went into the process with the same understanding as one another of what to expect and common terms, tools and understanding of how we wanted the process to go.

The Calmbirth program gave my husband the confidence in his ability to help me with the labour, as well as providing a great understanding of the birth process and knowing that we had choice in the way our baby was birthed.

I hope you remember me! My name is Shannon Garner and I did my Calmbirth workshops with Rae Condon up in the Mid North Coast of NSW. I birthed the two huge babies with no drugs (9pd 14 oz and 10pd 5oz). Well, since then I’ve gone on to birth a smaller baby, little Elsie at 6pd 6oz, for a gay male couple from Sydney. I had Elsie in November 2014 and have written a book about my journey and of course Calmbirth has come up in the story.

The book is called Labour of Love and will be out in July and published by Simon & Schuster Aus/NZ.  Elsie’s birth was amazing, unfortunately I did have a bit of intervention, due to her size, but I held strong and was able to have a natural birth in the water and Rae Condon was my midwife (talk about lucky!).  I just went with the flow and Rae helped me and she was born with no issues and was perfect. Calmbirth helped me once again. Thank you for the Calmbirth journey and the story.