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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Lauretta Hamilton

Lauretta Hamilton

Calmbirth Educator, Midwife & Nurse

17 College Street
VIC 3355

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Hi there, my name is Lauretta and I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife as well as a mum of two beautiful little girls!

I work at our local public Hospital where I care for women during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally, it is a privilege to be with women and their families during this time and I love what I do!

I attended a Calmbirth course during my first pregnancy and after the first day, I knew I had to teach this incredible course and share it with as many couples as I possibly could! It helped my husband and I to work together and prepare ourselves with the mindset and practical tools to create a really positive birth experience.

I then did a refresher course for my second pregnancy and again, despite being an educator myself by this time, I gained so much confidence going into my second birth – it was so lovely to have time together to focus on and prepare for the birth of our second little girl – and wow, it was just as incredible as the first! Intense and powerful but so well supported by my husband, sister and colleagues.

I love that Calmbirth isn’t about a specific type of birth – it’s about creating a positive experience, regardless of the birth scenario and what may play out on the day, and we prepare you with the knowledge of how to manage any situation. We can’t always control what happens, but we CAN control the attitude we bring to it, with the right knowledge and tools to make sure that you can savour the life altering moment of meeting your beautiful baby!

I am passionate about informing and educating couple’s so that they can work together to create the best birth for them! Partners or support people, you are SO important and so much of what we teach focuses on your very important role – it warms my heart everytime a couple start the course and sometimes the partners may not be quite as excited as the birthing woman, but by the end of our time together they are feeling confident and like ‘they’ve got this!’. 

I am currently offering  classes online via Zoom (pending the Covid situation) ideally I’d love to see you all face-to-face, but it’s still interactive as we can still talk to each other, you can ask questions and we will make the most of this interesting time we are in, and make sure you can still go into birthing your baby feeling prepared and excited.

Please book via my profile on the website here, or go to to look at all of my offerings and book via my website. If you’d like to organise a private class please get in touch.

Take care and I look forward to meeting you!!



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