Become a Calmbirth® Educator

As educators, our job is to be informative, dedicated, supportive, nurturing and passionate about helping future generations birth calmly, confidently and fearlessly by promoting positive change in birth by helping couples create positive birth experiences.

Applications Are Based Upon:

If you are a practising midwife, GP, obstetrician or accredited Doula working in the birthing profession.

Applications will be based upon the region you reside in and area you plan to work in, so that every Calmbirth® educator gets a fair opportunity to run their business successfully.

The Calmbirth Educator Training is an Australian College of Midwives CPD recognised activity, and it’s been allocated 104 CPD hours.

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It is Essential that the Prospective Calmbirth Educator Possess the Following:

  • Believe in and understand the natural process of childbirth, but also knows when necessary intervention may be required.
  • Want to challenge and change the existing culture that promotes birth as a necessarily stressful experience.
  • Be able to make practical skills and information available to pregnant couples, making it possible for them to achieve a positive birth experience no matter how their birth presents itself.
  • Want to make couples feel safe and secure in their surrounding.
  • Be passionate about educating couples (not just mothers) about birth and their choices around birth.
  • Be unbiased and non-judgmental when presenting information and sharing their knowledge and experience.
  • Be willing to be a contributing team member of the Calmbirth® organisation, which upholds the Calmbirth® brand within the community.
  • Have the ability to build their own private and successful business, choose their work hours, and the number of classes they wish to facilitate.

Calmbirth Franchises

Calmbirth operates as a franchise, to learn more about becoming a franchisee click here

Be a part of transforming a couples life by teaching them the necessary tools and strategies to change the way they think about birth.

Help them to let go of their fear, stress and anxiety by instilling confidence, and restoring their faith in creating positive birth experiences.

Be a part of a couples journey to becoming a family by being connected with their unborn baby and each other.

Build trust as their teacher and provide couples with a safe, private and secure environment.