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The biggest thing that affects a woman’s birth is her headspace

Birth Preparation

“It’s a different birth, you’ve got this”
Karen McClay is better known as the Director of Calmbirth but a lesser known fact about the registered midwife, nurse and mother of three is that she herself undertook her own VBAC journey. In today’s bonus episode we had the privilege of hearing that personal story.
Karen tells of her first birth and the emotions surrounding this initial caesarean. Karen talks about the complexity of this experience and how women on a VBAC journey are often forced to look back and examine their first birth experiences in a different way to others. Karen is also the daughter of Calmbirth founder, Peter Jackson and we hear of how the program evolved here in Australia.



Karen talks to us about not only the physical journey but also the emotional journey of birth and how Calmbirth as a course can help women and their partners to navigate this realm.
We thank Karen for sharing her very personal experiences and her wealth of knowledge in the birth world. Calmbirth ensures couples are able to educate themselves through knowledge, birth preparation and maintaining a calm mindset. It is all of these things that we know can make all the difference in preparation for your birthing journey. The benefits of the course to couples goes beyond the birth process, teaching life skills and techniques to be used in parenting and beyond.
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