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There’s no birth like a Calmbirth and there’s no better place to birth then at home!


With more and more families opting to have a Homebirth during the COVID -19 pandemic, Homebirth NSW (previously Homebirth Access Sydney or HAS) has been representing homebirth families since 1979.

They are a non-profit organisation and the only group of its kind in NSW that promotes and supports homebirth as an accessible and attainable birthing option. By sustaining a centrally organised group of like-minded people, gathering information and making it available to anyone who is interested in childbirth alternatives and the myriad of related issues, they perform an extremely important function – keeping basic human rights in childbirth at the forefront. 

“Calmbirth is so thrilled to announce our collaboration with Homebirth NSW and be able to promote more informed choices for women and their partners who are wanting and seeking a homebirth. Calmbirth is all about normalising birth and changing our birth culture for future generations, so that they can experience birth positively and as a natural part of life whilst giving them choices in how and where they wish to birth their babies”, says Midwife, Director & Owner of Calmbirth, 

Homebirths NSW Mission

Homebirth’s mission is to protect and promote access to homebirth in NSW, including connecting families with prenatal and postnatal services and enabling access to information and support for women wanting to have a homebirth. We will continue to support women’s rights to choose where and with whom they give birth and obtain antenatal and postnatal care. We would love to see women making informed decisions about their care and feeling empowered by their pregnancies and births.

“Homebirth NSW are so excited to have Calmbirth as an affiliate with us! Our mission is to promote and protect access to homebirth in NSW, including connecting families with prenatal services such as the wonderful education offered by Calmbirth”, says Homebirth NSW Committee.

To find out more about Homebirths NSW go to: https://www.homebirthnsw.org.au

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