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Become a Calmbirth Educator 2021 and change Birth Culture



We are calling ALL
Midwives, Doulas
And any medical or Health professionals who work in birth, far and wide to join our passionate team of Cambirth Educators to help us change birth culture for future generations.

Do you have a passion to help enrich the birth experience for pregnant and birthing couples?
Do you want to change our birth culture to inspire future generations to embrace birth as a natural part of life with knowledge, confidence and skills?
Do you want to inform couples of their birth choices and empower them to birth with the support of their partners and caregivers?

If this sounds like YOU, then YOU MUST enrol TODAY because we are looking for passionate and dynamic birth professionals to join our team of qualified and dedicated Calmbirth Educators in Australia’s leading & fastest growing childbirth education program.

Enrolments to become a Calmbirth Educator are NOW open and close on 6th August 2021.

Enrolments to become a Calmbirth Educator are NOW open and close on 6th August 2021. The Calmbirth Educator face to face training is five days long and will begin on the 6th – 10th September, 2021 and it will be held in Adelaide, South Australia. (This is providing that there are no interstate border restrictions and COVID remains stable).
The Calmbirth Educator Training is an Australian College of Midwives CPD recognised activity, and it’s been allocated 104 CPD hours.
So, if you are passionate about birth and want to change lives and improve the present birth culture REGISTER NOW. Here is what a Calmbirth Trainee Eductor had to say.
“ I was actually mind blown with the quality of content and presentations. The Calmbirth Educator Training has changed my life! I feel so empowered to change the perspective of birth, one couple at a time. Thank YOU so much Calmbirth!
The Calmbirth Program has educated over 35,000 pregnant couples since its inception in 2004, has close to 100 registered Educators and was developed by Peter Jackson, a midwife with over 40 years of experience. Our Calmbirth program continues to be updated by Director, Calmbirth Educator and Midwife, Karen McClay in collaboration with experts, including a range of birthing, education and mind-body specialists. Karen has also successfully implemented the Calmbirth program in 7 major maternity hospitals in NSW both public and private, with a pilot study underway in Auckland, New Zealand and the implementation of Calmbirth in other hospitals across Australia.
“Calmbirth has been designed to empower and educate couples to experience birth with knowledge and confidence. Our program helps couples move past any fears and anxieties that they have about birth and parenting, and provides them with effective, evidence based tools and knowledge to move through the rest of their pregnancy working together confidently and feeling emotionally safe”, says the Director of Calmbirth Karen McClay.
Our very first obstetrician and his midwife did the Calmbirth Educator Training in 2019, as they wanted to implement the program in their clinic to improve birth outcomes. So, if you’re an obstetrician, midwife, doula, medical or health professional who has experience working with women and family in birth we would love to hear from you.


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